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What is E-commerce photography?

What is E-commerce photography?

E-commerce product photography is the art of producing high-quality commercial images to sell products and services online. Good product photography remains a critical factor in selling online.

E-commerce product photography is often taken on a white background, though lifestyle photography and other styles allow brands to get more creative in their execution.


Types of E-commerce photography

There are many different types or styles of E-commerce photography to consider adding to your marketing mix:


White background

Classic plain white background shots show the item placed on a white background. This style is seen on marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay. These photos give customers a clean, distraction-free look at the product.


Lifestyle photography

This photo style shows the product in use or context and allows customers to estimate and imagine the size.


Product packaging

These photos are essential for specifying expectations and demonstrating how the product is packaged.



Shoppers want to be able to see details—you can also show zoomed-in shots to highlight specific features and showcase product quality.


Group shots

Group photos show the item with other variants of products. 


How to plan and do E-commerce product photography

  1. Set up studio 
  2. Plan and style your shots 
  3. Get the lighting right
  4. Take your photos 
  5. Edit your photos 


What are some excellent e-commerce photography tips?

  • Develop a streamlined workflow and choose a reliable studio and crew.
  • Use product photos to sell the quality of the product.
  • Showcase your products’ most important features.
  • Show your products in use.
  • Use natural light and light from the side.


What are the benefits of high-quality e-commerce photography?


E-commerce photography helps to increase conversion rates by showcasing your product’s best characteristics and helps to develop your brand’s visual identity. Proper E-commerce photos can put your products above the competitors by showcasing their best features. 


Our E-commerce photography services


LOOK AD ME studio provides E-commerce photography services at all stages of production: 

  • Studio space 
  • Planning
  • Preproduction
  • Production  
  • Hair and makeup artists 
  • Model castings and bookings
  • Backdrops
  • Production equipment 
  • Photographers
  • Videographers 
  • Crew
  • Post-production services 


How to book E-commerce photoshoot?


Call or email us at 

When clients ask about our photoshoot capabilities for E-commerce, we request more information about their needs to create a quote for them. 


We will ask: 

How many pieces of clothing or products do you have? 

(Think of each item for which you’ll need images.) 

When do you want to organize your E-commerce photoshoot? 

By what date will you need the final images? 

What types of clothing or products are you shooting? 

(tops/bottoms/shoes/dresses/accessories/ other products) 

What types of images will you need? 

(E-commerce on a solid background, lifestyle images, or a mix?) 

How many of the images will you need against a solid color background? 

How many angles do you need for each piece?

Would you like to incorporate a video of select clothing or products for a digital lookbook or social media use?

What is your company’s website and brand book? 

Are there other photos you would like us to emulate? 

(Please provide us with a link you want us to use as inspiration and reference.) 

Will you need a hair and makeup artist? 

(If so, please allow us at least one week notice.) 

Will you need a model casting included? 

(If yes, please allow us one two-week notice.) 


We will discuss your project with our team and put together a plan of execution. After that, we will deliver a quote and book you into our schedule! Do you have any more questions about E-commerce photography or how to book? Contact our team here to get started today!

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